HLF Research Report

HLF Research Reports, 2012-2013

A    The Lives of the Common People in Hope & Castleton during the Medieval Period.

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Title Page

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1. Domesday
2. Peak Forest
3. Castleton & Hope Parish Churches

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4. Taxation
5. Crime & Punishment
6. Wars & Rumours of Wars

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7. Land Tax
8. Field Names

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9. Lead mining

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10. Castleton & Hope Names and a Notable Family
11. Occupations in Castleton & Hope
12. Wills & Inventories

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B   Report of the test-pits excavated in Castleton and Hope during the HLF funded investigation carried out in 2012-2013.                        Click Here

This report does not contain the detailed analysis from Appendices 2b to 10 which is available digitally by contacting the website at hopehistorical@yahoo.com


C    Report of the Landscape Survey carried out with HLF Funding in 2012-2013.  This report details evidence in the landscape for Medieval routeways between the villages of hope and Castleton.                           Click Here