The Research Group started meeting in 2005 with the principle aim of encouraging members of HHS to undertake local historical research by investigating the history of their house. This proved popular and stimulated a number of local residents to look in detail at the story of their house and resulted in the first of the current series of exhibitions held during Wakes Week.   Photo the Retrospective exhibition of 2013, when much of the work of the previous ten years was exhibited in the Methodist Hall.


Eventually the members of the group had accumulated enough information to consider publication resulting in a series of booklets which have been distributed to all members of the Society and lodged with the Derbyshire Record Office.    Click Here to access booklets. The fourth Booklet was published in December 2018.

In 2011 a joint project with Castleton Historical Society was launched to research the medieval history of the villages with the emphasis on the history of the common people. The project addressed the history through documentary research,D01E res

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and a series of test pits excavated in both villages.TP 28 02 res

The project was funded by a substantial grant from HLF and overseen by Dr Bill Bevan, a well known Sheffield based professional archaeologist. The publications in 2012, from this work will be available soon on this website..

Since then our research has concentrated on hw2018-02aspects of WWI history, published in the Booklet 2015 and forthcoming 2018 (see above). An exhibition covering the four years of the conflict was presented in Hope Church, during Wakes Week in 2018.





Tuesday Nov 26th

We meet at 7.30pm by kind invitation of John and Esme Talbot, at Daggers House,when we share our on-going individual research and offer advice and help where we can.